1. General Terms of Sale 

These  Terms and  Conditions,  herein included within  this Quote,  constitute a  binding agreement  by and  between  the hiring  party  (hereon referred  to as  the  “Client”) and Trustlations,  Inc.  (hereon referred  to as  the  “Service Provider”) providing  for  any,  some  or  all  language  services,  which  may  include  translation,  proofreading,  copy  editing, copywriting,  interpretation,  transcription,  or  other  related  services  that may  derive  from  these  (hereon  referred  to  as “Language  Services”)  by  Service  Provider in which the Client enters into a binding agreement with the Service Provider. 

All  orders  placed  and/or  by  accepting  the  Quote  herein,  imply  the  Client’s  full  acceptance  of  these  Terms  and Conditions  without any reservation and to the exclusion of any other document. No special terms will take precedence over these Terms  and  Conditions  unless  expressly  stated  in  writing  and  acknowledged  by  both  parties. The  execution  of  any  service  by  the  Service  Provider  implies  the  Client  accepts  these  Terms  and  Conditions  and waives  his  own  terms  and  conditions.  Any  condition  to  the  contrary  shall  not  be  binding  to  the Service  Provider unless expressly accepted  by  the Service  Provider in  writing, regardless of when the Service Provider becomes aware of the condition. That the Service Provider does not exercise  one or more of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions shall not be interpreted as a waiver of the Service Provider’s right  to exercise any of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions at a later date. 

Service Provider reserves  the right  to make alterations and/or additions  to  the Terms and Conditions of Language Services  Provision  without  prior  notice.  The modified  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Language  Services  Provision  will become  applicable  upon Client’s acceptance of Quote, unless objections against modifications are made in writing within three (3) calendar days  of the notification date of the change. 

Changes  in  and  additions  to  the  Terms  and  Conditions  of  Language  Services  Provision  and/or  agreements  made between  Service Provider and Client are only valid when agreed to by Service Provider in writing. 

The headings above the articles of these conditions are only intended to increase the legibility of this document. The content  and  meaning  of  an  article  placed  under  a  particular  heading  is,  therefore,  not  limited  to  the  meaning  and content  of  the  heading. 

1.1 Definitions 


In the Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision the following words and expressions are used with a capital. Any  of the following words and expressions shown in the singular shall have the same meaning when used in the plural and vice versa. 


Client: Anyone who requests and orders the delivery of Language Services. 


Language  Services:  All  products  and  services  provided  by  Service  Provider  (e.g.  translations,  proofreading,  copy  editing,  copywriting,  interpretation,  transcription,  and  any  documents  generated  thereof)  and  the  resulting  provisions and  related  activities. 


Service Provider: Trustlations,  Inc. and its rightful successors or affiliated organizations and partners  that will enter into an  agreement with Client and has declared the Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision applicable. 


Business Days: Normal U.S. working days (Monday through Friday) with the exception of public holidays. 


Quote: The Quote attached to these Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision. 

  1. Quotes and Orders

Each order placed by the Client shall be preceded by a free quote issued by the Service Provider based on the documents to be  translated or information provided by the Client. The Quote the Service Provider sends to the Client by electronic mail, fax or  post shall include: 

  • The number of hours that the Language Services will take 
  • The language pair 
  • The estimated date of delivery of the translation 
  • The format of the translated documents in the case where a specific layout has been requested • Any special rates applied because of urgency, specific research or any other request that goes beyond the Service Provider’s usual service or that is considered unusual for the Client’s particular request 

To confirm an order the Client must return the unaltered Quote with the Client’s written approval and signature to the Service  Provider by fax or post if the Quote was originally sent to the Client by fax or post. If the Client received the Quote by electronic  mail,  the  Client  may  confirm  the  order  by  expressing  their acceptance  by  returning electronic  mail,  and  stating  Client’s  acceptance.  If  the  Service  Provider  does  not  receive  the  order  confirmation,  the Service  Provider  reserves  the  right  not  to  commence work on the project in question. 

If confirmation of the order is not received within thirty (30) consecutive days of the date of the Quote as stipulated above, the  Quote shall be considered null and void. 

The Service Provider reserves the right, to charge an additional  fee and/or not to adhere to the delivery date on the Client’s  initial order in the following cases: 

  1. a) Alteration of documents,  the addition of documents, any changes in  the source  text by  the Client after  the initial Quote is  prepared by  the Service Provider and/or once  the Language Services are in progress, will be counted as additional  text and  charged at  the same rate or greater rate, which will be agreed upon with  the Client, prior  to execution, and may require an  extension. Language Services are  to be delivered before end of day of set date unless an occurrence of Force Majeur would  cause  a  delay,  in  which  the  Service  Provider  is  unable  to  deliver,  and  so  the Language  Services  will  be  delivered  once  the  events preventing the delivery are extinguished, or unless the Client causes a delay that may cause set date to change, in which  case a new date will be agreed upon between the Service Provider and the Client; 
  2. b) Where documents were not provided during  the Quote preparation process or where  the initial Quote was based on  the  Client’s estimation of the number of hours or an estimate was taken from an excerpt of text only. 

In  the  absence  of  the  Client’s  express  acceptance  of  the  new  delivery  and/or  invoicing  conditions,  the  Service Provider  reserves  the  right  not  to  commence  work.  Unless  otherwise  stated  on  the  Quote,  costs  incurred  during  the provision  of  services (travel or courier, express delivery fees, third-party fees, etc.) shall be the responsibility of the Client. 

Any decisions to offer a discount, reduction or sliding fee scale, based on a percentage or flat rate, are at the discretion of the  Service Provider and only for the service to which they apply for a particular project, and are not to be expected for any other  project,  hence  any  discounts  or  rebates  offered  to  the  Client  shall  not  signify  an entitlement  to  similar  discounts  on  future  services. 

In the event that a quote is not sent to the Client before the commencement of work, translation services shall be invoiced at  the standard rate used by the Service Provider. 

  1. Proof of Order 

The Client agrees to consider  faxes, e-mails, copies and computer  files as equivalent to the originals and valid proof that the  order was confirmed. 

Verbal agreements, assignments or other expressions of whatever nature by employees of Service Provider are only valid and  binding when they have been confirmed in writing by authorized representatives of Service Provider. 

  1. Deposits/Advance Payments 

Any order exceeding 4 hours of work, will be subject to a 50%-100% deposit or advance payment, depending on the Language  Service  and  is  to  the  sole  discretion  of  Service  Provider  to  determine  percentage,  the  amount  of  which shall  be  clearly  stipulated in the Quote. Work shall begin only once the payment has cleared. 

  1. Delivery & Acceptance Procedure 

5.1 Delivery Dates

Any  delivery  date  or  dates  agreed  between  the  Service  Provider  and  the  Client  shall  be  considered  only  once  the  Service  Provider  has  received all  the  documents  to  be  translated and if  the  Client  has  confirmed  the  order as specified in Article  2  above within one (1) working day(s) from the date of reception of the Quote. After that time the delivery date may be revised  if so required, depending on the Service Provider’s workload. 

All (delivery) dates which may be named by and may be applicable to Service Provider are determined to the best of Service  Provider’s  knowledge  on  the  basis  of information made  known  to Service Provider  and will  be  taken into  consideration  as  much as possible. 

(Delivery) dates shall therefore not be considered to be absolute (delivery) dates within which must be delivered, but a time  period within which Service Provider shall strive with best efforts to deliver the agreed upon items. If it is not possible to keep  to the (delivery) date, then Service Provider and Client will consult with each other to agree on a substitute (delivery) date. 

Exceeding a given (delivery) date which may be applicable never constitutes an attributable shortcoming by Service Provider.  Service Provider does not accept liability under any circumstances in cases where the (delivery) date may be exceeded. 


Delivery of the Language Services takes place when the Language Service documents are sent by post,  fax, courier, e-mail or  when a Service Provider employee delivers a Language Service document in person to Client or an employee of Client. All costs  relating  to  transportation  and/or insurance  of  the  Language  Service  documents  will  be at  Client’s  expense.  The manner in  which transport takes place is determined by Service Provider and insurance of the Language Service documents by Service  Provider will not take place unless agreed upon otherwise in writing. 


Immediately after delivery, as described in article 5.2, there will be an acceptance period, which runs for five (5) consecutive  days. During  the acceptance  period  Client must  check whether  the  delivered  Language Service documents  comply with  the  agreed upon conditions. 


The Language Service documents shall be considered by both parties as accepted: 

  • At the moment Client declares in writing to accept the Language Service documents; or 
  • When Client uses the Language Service documents for productive or operational purposes, when Client directly or indirectly  revises/edits the Language Service documents or when Client provides the products to a third party; or • On the first day following the acceptance period; or 
  • When  Client,  before  the  end  of  the  acceptance  period,  notifies  Service  Provider  in  detailed  writing  of  a complaint:  after  resolving the complaint by Service Provider. 


When a  complaint, as  described in article  5.4  (fourth  bullet  point), in Service  Provider’s  discretion is well-founded, Service  Provider shall  resolve  the complaint, improve/correct or  replace  the Language Service document or amend the price of  the  Language Service document. These rights end when the Language Service documents are accepted by Client. 


Filing a complaint or not accepting a Language Service document does not free Client from any obligations of payment. 


If  the  Language Service  documents are  delivered in  phases,  and/or  parts  are  delivered  and  tested,  the  non-acceptance of a  particular phase and/or part will not delay the acceptance of an earlier phase and/or another part nor its payment. 

  1. The Service Provider’s Responsibilities 

The  Service  Provider  agrees  to  provide  a  translation  that  is  as  faithful  as  possible  to  the  original  and  that  complies  with  professional standards. The Service Provider agrees to take into account, and include in the translation, information provided  by  the  Client  (glossaries,  drawings,  diagrams,  abbreviations).  The  Service  Provider  shall  not be  held  liable  for  any  inconsistencies  or  ambiguities  in  the  source  text.  The  verification  of  the  technical  coherence  of the  final  text  remains  the  Client’s sole responsibility. Please refer to additional terms and conditions, provided under point 12 contained in these Terms  and Conditions of Language Services Provision herein. 


Service Provider only enters into an agreement after written confirmation by Service Provider, except for in the case set out in  article 7.1.


All activities will be performed on Workdays and under normal working conditions. 


Service Provider shall strive with best efforts and in good faith to fulfill the Language Services. 


Service Provider will only be obligated to follow timely and reasonable instructions given when performing Language Services  if explicitly agreed upon in writing. Service Provider is not obligated to follow instructions that will alter the content or scope  of  the agreed upon Language Services.  In  the event such instructions are  followed,  the Language Services performed will be  charged on the basis of subsequent calculation. 


All activities will be performed on Workdays and under normal working conditions. 

6.6 Overtime, Rush Fee and Weekend Fee 

Activities that are performed outside of Workdays are considered as overtime. The applicable rate will be increased with 20%  for overtime after or before Workdays. Where Language Services are requested by Client  to be performed during weekends  and/or  public  holidays,  and/or  are  required  to  due  to  time  constraints  bared  on  Service  Provider  by Client’s  performance,  delivery of files or any other action from Client causing these time constraints on Service Provider, the applicable rate will be  increased with 30% for overtime on weekends and public holidays. This increase will be notified to Client in writing, prior to  execution,  and  Client  shall  send  a  written  notice,  via  electronic mail  or  fax  approving  this  increase  in  price,  prior  to  commencement,  and  this  new  quote  shall  be  held  to  the  same Terms  and  Conditions  of  Language  Services  Provision  or  additional terms and conditions as stipulated by Service Provider, and in sending back/replying and thus accepting this new  quote, Client is held to the aforementioned terms and conditions. 

6.6a. Advice/Consultancy/Project management 

All Products  that can be considered advice or which can be described as advice, such as but not limited to consultancy and  project management, will only be given to the best of Service Provider’s knowledge and capability. 


Service Provider is not responsible and/or liable if the activities that  flow  forth  from advice result in a  failure to carry out a  project from Client within allocated budgets, time schedules and other agreed upon conditions. 

  1. The Client’s Responsibilities 

The Client will provide the Service Provider with all of the texts to be translated and all of the technical information required to  understand  the  text  and,  where  necessary,  the  specific  terminology  required.  If  the  Client  fails  to  submit all  necessary  information  to  the  Service  Provider,  the  Service  Provider  shall  not  be  held liable if  the  translation  does not  confirm  to  the  Client’s standards or if delivery is late. 

The Client has five (5) business days from the time the translated documents are delivered to inform the Service Provider in  writing  of  any  discrepancy  concerning  the  quality  of  the  translation.  Once  this  period  has  expired,  the service  shall  be  considered duly completed and no claims may be made. The Client agrees to consider postal, fax or electronic mail receipts as  proof of delivery. 


If a Quote and its Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision is sent by Service Provider to Client and Client fails to  approve  this  document  by  replying  to it  via electronic mail  to Service  Provider,  Client accepts  by partial  or  full  payment  of  compensation  to  Service  Provider  the  contents  of  such  document  and  the  Terms  and Conditions  of  Language  Services  Provision. 


If Client accepts Quote and thus enters into an agreement with Service Provider on behalf of a third party, Client will be fully  responsible and liable for the entire fulfillment of the resulting obligations by that third party. 


Client shall provide all necessary cooperation to Service Provider and shall make known in time all useful and necessary data  and/or other information required for an adequate execution of the Language Services. Client shall ensure the accuracy of this  data and/or other information. 


If  necessary  for  execution  of  the  Language  Services,  data,  information  and/or  requirements  are  not  in  time,  and/or  not  in  accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision, and/or not made available to Service Provider,  and as a result to that at Service Provider’s discretion Service Provider is not able to execute the Language Services properly or  these  circumstances  result  in  extra  work,  Service  Provider  has  the  right  to  adjust  the Quote  and/or  prices  to  these  circumstances. 


Service Provider shall always be entitled to consider additional activities to an order as a new separate order. 


Client and its clients will not enter into any direct or indirect commercial, employment or other such relations with employees from Service Provider during  the agreement and  for a period  of 12  (twelve) months after  termination  or dissolution  of  the  agreement, without the written consent of Service Provider. Client will ensure that its clients will comply with the  foregoing  obligation. 


In the event that Client breaches article 7.6, Client will be charged, without further notification required, a fine of US$50,000  (fifty thousand) for each breach, undiminished the right of Service Provider to claim full compensation for damages incurred. 

  1. Confidentiality 

Service  Provider  and  Client mutually  commit  themselves  to  the  confidentiality  of  all  data  and information  concerning  each  other’s  organization,  clients,  files  and  Products,  of  which  they  become  aware  while  working  for each  other  or  for  Client’s  clients. Data and information may only be used in order to carry out the agreement between parties. 

The Service Provider agrees to respect the confidentiality of all information provided by the Client before, during and after the  provision of services. Original documents shall be returned to the Client upon simple request. 

The Service Provider shall not be held liable in the event that information is intercepted or used by a third party during the  transfer of data, in particular via the Internet. Therefore, to ensure the confidentiality of any sensitive information, the Client  must inform  the Service  Provider – before  the  provision  of  services  or at  the  time  the  order is placed – as  to  the means  of  transmission the Client would like the Service Provider to use. 

However,  Service  Provider  is  at  all  times  entitled  to  make  use  of  third  parties  when  performing  activities,  and  will take  precautionary measures where  possible  to  ensure  the  confidentiality  of  any  sensitive information,  yet  the Service  Provider  shall not be held liable in the event that information is intercepted or used by another third party or a third party to that third  party and so on and so forth, before, during or after the transfer of data. 

  1. Format 

Final  translations  are  delivered  by  electronic  mail  in  low-res  (non-editable  format)  for  Client  to  review  and  make  any  comments within  five  (5) business days of delivery, as stated in point 7. Once any input is received  from  the Client, Service  Provider will approve and input in Word document, or otherwise or challenge these. Full payment is due five (5) business days  after client has reviewed the low-res  files and prior to receiving the  final Word (editable) file(s), unless otherwise specified,  and agreed upon written request and approval by Service Provider. 

On request, translations may be delivered by fax, by post or on CD, where applicable fees will need to be reimbursed to Service  Provider. Any other means of delivery or formats must be expressly agreed by both parties and may result in additional fees. 

  1. Corrections and Proofreading 

In the event of discrepancy regarding certain parts of the translation, the Service Provider reserves the right to correct these  parts in cooperation with  the Client. Client will have  five  (5) business days  to submit any comments, corrections, suggested  editions, etc., to Service Provider, which reserves the right to input, approve or otherwise challenge these. 

If the translation is to be published, the Service Provider shall receive the Printer’s and/or Client’s proofs to input, approve or  otherwise challenge these, before the document goes to print. Unless otherwise specified in writing, all corrections will result  in additional charges to be billed at the Service Provider’s standard rate. 

Service Provider offers proofreading and editing within its Language Services and bills separately and additionally for these,  which  may  or  may  not  be  included  in  the  Quote  herein.  If  not  included  within  the  Quote  herein,  a  separate quote  will  be  submitted where an estimate will  be provided  for  the  specific project where  the aforementioned Language Services will  be  estimated. All the terms and conditions, contained in these Terms and Conditions of Language Services Provision herein apply 

for  the aforementioned  Language Services, and where  specified within the  separate  quote,  other  terms and  conditions may  apply. 

  1. Payment 

Payment conditions or any other conditions used by Client will not be applicable. The applicability of payment conditions or  any other conditions from Client or from third parties on behalf of Client are therefore expressly rejected by Service Provider,  unless explicitly accepted in writing by Service Provider. 

Unless otherwise specified on the Quote, payment shall be made in full to the Service Provider no later than ten (10) business  days from the date of the invoice, which shall typically be submitted the date of the delivery of the low-res files containing the  Language Services content. 

Service Provider has the right to charge payments in advance. If full payment of the advance is not made, Service Provider has  the right, undiminished its other rights that may flow forth from the agreement, to suspend all its obligations and all amounts  owed by Client will be immediately due. 

Should Client fail to fulfill any obligation, Client is in breach without any further notification of breach being required. Service  Provider reserves the right to charge all incurred costs to Client, including judicial and extrajudicial expenses, with regard to the collection of debts from Client. Extra-judicial collection costs amount to 15% of the debt or at a minimum of US$500 (five  hundred), whichever is greater. In any case Client will be charged interest on a monthly basis, at the legal percentage rate, on all outstanding debts starting from the date of failure to pay. 

Client will pay all amounts indebted within ten (10) business days of the invoice date. In the event of late payment, orders in  progress can be unilaterally interrupted until full payment is received. The Client will be liable for late payment fees of one and  a  half  times  the  prevailing  base  legal  interest  rate,  applied  to  the  entire  sum  in  question without  any  formal  notice  being  required and  shall  be applicable and accrued  on a monthly  basis  for every  30 calendar  days  the  payment is late.  Language  Services and Language Service documents remain  the property and are copyright of  the Service Provider until payment has  been made in full. 

Until full payment has been made, Service Provider has the right to suspend all services and obligations to Client. The Client’s  obligation to meet Client’s commitments remains unchanged. 

The indebted amount may be increased with order costs, postage costs and costs of  third parties. An increase can also  take  place in the event that activities have to take place outside of Service Provider’s office. In the event that activities need to take  place outside of Service Provider’s office, hourly rates,  travel and waiting  time compensations, actual  travel and/or mileage  compensation,  hotel  expenses  and  any  other  costs  connected  to  such services will  be  charged.  The  travel  and waiting  time  compensation  amounts  to  100%  of  the  current  hourly  rate.  The means  of  transportation  will  be  determined  by  Service  Provider. The foregoing is also applicable on services provided outside of The United States or the country where the Service  Provider’s representative may be living at, at the time where the aforementioned services are required. 

Unless agreed upon otherwise, the following payment schedule will apply to Client: 

  1. In the case Language Services are to be fulfilled for a period that is less than 30 calendar days: • First term, a minimum of 50% of the estimated amount due included in the Quote, will be paid as an advance; • Second term, the remainder of 100% of the amount due per the final Invoice will be paid to Service Provider, within ten (10)  business days immediately after delivery of low-res and/or non-editable Language Service document to Client. 
  2. In the case Language Services are to be fulfilled for a period that is more than 30 calendar days: • First term, a minimum of 50% of the estimated amount due included in the Quote, will be paid as an advance; • Second term, 25% of the amount due will be paid 30 calendar days after Language Services and their monetary expense were  first accepted by Client; 
  • Third term, the remainder of 100% of the amount due per the final Invoice will be paid to Service Provider, within ten (10)  business days immediately after delivery of low-res and/or non-editable Language Service document to Client. 

The  prices  agreed  to  between  Service  Provider  and  Client  are  among  other  things  based  on  the  costs  of  salaries, social  premiums,  materials,  and  travel  and  accommodation  costs,  etc.,  as  well  as the  rate  of  exchange  between  the currencies  as  applicable at the time of closing of the agreement. Service Provider is authorized, in case of changes to one or more of the cost  items and/or changes in the rate of exchange, to adjust the prices to these changes. 

Service Provider will offer Client the possibility to become acquainted with possible changes in prices. If Client does not agree  with  a  price  change,  Client  will  only  be  permitted  to  terminate  the  agreement  from  the  date  the change  in  price  becomes applicable, if the total price increase during 1 (one) year exceeds the yearly inflation rate of the current year (or previous year 

for price increases announced for the next year) as published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or other U.S. governmental  agency by 5%. 

Abovementioned paragraphs leave all the legal rights of Service Provider, on the basis of Client’s failure to meet its obligations,  unhindered. 

The amount quoted within the attached Quote may vary before, during or after the preparation of Language Services. The final  amount will be reflected on final Invoice to Client, and may vary from Quoted amount. Client’s payment responsibilities are for  the full invoiced amount as reflected in the final Invoice generated from Service Provider to Client. 

In  the  case  of  payments  by  foreign  check  or  bank  transfer, all additional exchange  costs and  bank  charges incurred will  be  invoiced  to  the  Client  at  time  of  or  a  posteriori  of  initial  invoice,  which  may  require  an  additional  invoice  and additional charges. 

  1. Copyright, Intellectual and Industrial Property and Written Language Services 

Unless agreed upon otherwise in writing, all intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and other rights resulting  from all activities and/or orders carried out by Service Provider, regardless when or where they were carried out, reside with  Service Provider. Without the prior written consent of Service Provider, Client is not permitted to duplicate, disclose and/or  publish (parts of) the Language Services documents. 

Unless  agreed  upon  otherwise,  Client  will  be  granted  a  perpetual  license  to  use  the  Language  Services  documents upon  delivery. 

Before requesting the translation of a document, the Client must ensure that this does not infringe on any third party rights.  Therefore the Client must be the author of the original document, or have obtained written permission to have the document  translated  from  the  party  holding  the  copyright  to  the  document.  Client  shall  protect  Service  Provider and  hold  Service  Provider  harmless  from  any  allegation  to  the  effect  that  the  text,  models,  drawings,  forms  and  other materials  and  documentation provided by Client to Service Provider violate any right of a third party. 

If these conditions have not been ensured by the Client, under no circumstances shall the Service Provider be held liable if all,  or  a  portion  of,  the  documents  to  be  translated  were  to  infringe  on  the  rights  of  a  third  party  or  violate any  applicable  regulations. If this were to occur, the Client shall be held solely responsible for any harm or financial consequences resulting  from the Client’s negligence. 

Furthermore the Client acknowledges that the translation is a new document, whose copyright is held jointly by the author of  the original document and the Service Provider. As a result, for literary or artistic translation, and without harm to the Service  Provider’s rights to the work, the Service Provider reserves the right to require that the Service Provider’s name be mentioned  on any copies or publications of the translation, in compliance with Copyright Office regulations codified in the United States  Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (Title 37—Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights), also known as Circular 96. 

Whereas all copyright conditions are met as abovementioned, the Client has undertaken to publish at its own risk and expense  the written rendering of the Language Services and the Service Provider undertakes to produce a language document of the  Language Services from source language into target language on behalf of the Client, it is hereby agreed between the parties as  follows: 

12.a. Translations 

The  Service  Provider  warrants  to  the  Client  that  said  Language  Services  into  target  language  shall  be  a  faithful,  accurate  rendition of  the original source language into idiomatic  target language and  that no modifications, additions, or deletions of  substance  to  the  text  of  the  Language  Services  will  be  made  without  the  approval  of  the Client.  The  Service  Provider  will  attempt  to  flag  sections  of  the text  requiring  the  Client’s  decision  regarding  the substance  of  the  text,  but  will  not  be  held  accountable  for errors and omissions  that may be produced during  the transcription process and  translation process.  In  the  first  set  of  revisions,  Client  or  author  requested  changes  in  style or  content  will  be  input,  approved  or  challenged  by  the  Service Provider. Thereon, Client or author requested changes in style or content will be input by  the Client and will be  the  sole responsibility of the Client to ensure the definition of its content. 

12.b. Transcriptions 

The Service Provider warrants to the Client that a project that requires transcription  from audio to text without translation,  shall be a faithful, accurate rendition of the original source audio into equivalent text and that no modifications, additions, or  deletions  of  substance  to  the  text  of  the  audio  will  be  made  without  the  approval  of  the Client.  The  Service  Provider  will  attempt to flag sections of the text requiring the Client’s decision regarding the substance of the text from the submitted audio,  but  will  not  be  held  accountable  for  errors  and  omissions  that  may  be produced  during  the  transcription  process,  and  if 

subsequent translation is requested of this transcription text, that Service Provider will not be held accountable for errors and  omissions that may be produced during the translation process. To the best of its knowledge and abilities the Service Provider  will produce a textual transcription of the audio in the aforementioned audio and/or audiovisual format (i.e. MP3, MP4, VHS,  CD, DVD, tapes/cassettes, LPs, etc.). Client or author will flag certain sections for further scrutiny at a second stage in order to  attempt  the most exact  transcription possible, but again Service Provider will be held harmless and not accountable  for any  errors or omissions that may occur when transferring from audio to written transcription text. The latter (i.e. second stage) is not included in this initial Quote, unless otherwise indicated. 

In consideration of the payments specified, the Service Provider hereby assigns full copyright to the Language Services in the  target language throughout the world to the Client. 

  1. Cancellation 

Should  the contracted work  be withdrawn  by  the Client  or not materialize, a fee covering  the  Language Services up to  that  point  will  be  paid  by  the  Client  to  the  Service  Provider.  Any  amount  remaining  from  the  deposited  percentage will  be  reimbursed to the Client, minus any wire transfer, PayPal or other payment institution or third party expenses. 

Both Client and Service Provider will have the right to terminate said project, provided that 1 business day(s) written notice is  given in advance and payment is made on the work completed. 

The completed Language Services will be returned to Client via electronic mail. 

If  necessary  for  execution  of  the  Language  Services,  data,  information  and/or  requirements  are  not  in  time,  and/or not  in  accordance with the agreements, and/or are not made available to Service Provider, or if Client fails to meet its obligations in  any other way, Service Provider has in any case the right to terminate or dissolve the agreement or to suspend execution of the  agreement and has the right to charge the costs incurred at its usual rates or additional rates where applicable. 

  1. Force Majeure 

Neither party is obligated to fulfill any obligation if they are prevented from doing so as a result of circumstances, which can be  considered beyond their fault, and by law, legal act, or generally accepted practices cannot be held accountable for. 

The aforementioned Force Majeure circumstances are considered as causes beyond that Service Provider’s reasonable control  and occurring without its fault or negligence, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers, or  party  to  substantially meet its  performance  obligations  under  this Agreement, provided  that,  as  a  condition  to  the  claim  of  non-liability, the party experiencing the difficulty shall give the other prompt notice, with full details following the occurrence  of the cause relied upon. Dates by which performance obligations are scheduled to be met will be extended for a period of time  equal  to  the  time lost  due  to any  delay  so caused.  Force majeure  shall  also include  performance  failures  caused  by  natural  disasters  (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods,  fires, bad weather conditions), wars,  riots  or  other major upheaval, performance  failures  of  parties  outside  the control  of  the  contracting  party  (e.g.,  disruptions  in  telephone  service  attributable  to  the  telephone company or labor actions by employees of a common carrier), server failures and software glitches. Force majeure  shall also include failure to perform by a supplier of Service Provider, the late or non-availability of required information and specifications,  explosions,  electricity  failures,  network  failures,  illness,  lack  of  staff,  strike  or  other  employment conflicts,  accidents, actions by the government, not being able to obtain required licenses and/or permits, lack of materials, theft, traffic  disruptions and/or transportation problems. 

When Force majeure is of a temporary nature, Service Provider has the right to suspend its commitments until force majeure  has ceased to exist without being obliged to any form of damage compensation. 

Service  Provider  reserves  the  right, in  the  case  of  Force majeure,  to  collect  payment  for  obligations  already  fulfilled before  Force majeure was known. 

  1. Reservations 

Service Provider  shall  commence execution  of  the agreement  between Service Provider and Client  only after  the Quote has  been approved  via electronic mail  or  fax  by  Client, action  by which  Client accepts  these Terms and Conditions  of  Language  Services  Provision  and/or  having  received  payment  of  all  amounts  due  prior  to commencement.  Should  Service  Provider  commence execution of the agreement prior to receiving the electronic mail reply in which the aforementioned Quote was sent  and/or having received payment of all amounts due prior to commencement, Service Provider reserves the right to suspend  execution of the agreement pending receipt of the electronic mail reply in which the aforementioned Quote was sent and/or  having received payment of all amounts due prior to commencement. 

Client’s  rights,  such  as,  but  not limited  to  the  transfer  of  Language  Services  documents,  are  provided  under  the suspended  condition  that  Client  pays  the  agreed  compensations  fully  and  on  time.  In  case  of  failure  to  pay,  Client must  return  the 

Language  Services  documents  to  Service  Provider  at  Client’s  expense  within  1  (one)  day  of receiving  the  instruction  from  Service Provider to do so. All other remedies in law remain applicable. Service Provider will maintain all the rights as owner of  the  new  Language  Services  document  until  the  moment  payments have  been  made  fully  and  on  time,  and  any  use  of  the  Language Services document by Client will be considered a violation of the Service Provider’s rights and duly reprehensible in  compliance with Copyright Office regulations codified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). 

  1. Risk 

From  the  moment  of  delivery  Client  will  bear  the  risk  of  the  Language  Services  documents  delivered  even  if  possible  ownership and user rights have not yet been  transferred. As a result Client will be held accountable  for full payment of  the  Language  Services  documents  delivered  regardless  of  the  situation  that  the  Language  Services documents  delivered  have  perished  or  that  their  value  has  declined  due  to  circumstances  for which Service  Provider cannot  be  held accountable. The  aforementioned will  also  be  applicable  from  the moment in which  Client  does  not make it  possible  for  Service  Provider  to  make a delivery. 

  1. Nullity 

If one or more terms (or part of a term) of the agreement are nullified, declared to be nullified, annihilable or have lost their  validity in another way, the other terms (or part of the term in question) of this agreement will remain in force undiminished. 

In regard to terms (or part of the term) that are nullified, declared to be nullified, annihilable or lose their validity in another  way, parties shall consult with each other to try to reach a substitute arrangement within which the parties shall strive for the  maintenance of this agreement (or the remainder of the term in question) in its totality. 

  1. Transfer 

The  agreement  between  Service  Provider  and  Client  and  the  rights  and  obligations,  which  flow  forth  from  this  agreement,  cannot be transferred to a third party by Client without the prior written consent from Service Provider. 

  1. Claims, Disputes and Liability 

In  the  event  of  a  complaint  or  dispute  of  any  nature,  the  Service  Provider  and  the  Client agree  to  attempt  to  settle  the  complaint or dispute amicably and in good faith. 

The  liability  of  the  Service  Provider  on  any  grounds  shall  be  limited  to  the  invoiced  value  of  the  work.  Service Provider’s  liability  exists  solely  when  Client  immediately  and  appropriately  notifies  Service  Provider  of  the deficiency  in  writing,  proposing  therein a reasonable  time period  for correction of  the deficiency and Service Provider  then culpably  fails  to meet  the aforesaid obligations. The notification of deficiency ought  to be as detailed a description of  the deficiency as possible so  that  Service  Provider  is  able  to  react  adequately,  and  a  reasonable amount  of  time  need  be  awarded  to  fulfill  the  aforementioned obligations. Under no circumstances shall the Service Provider be held liable for claims related to nuances of  style. 

It  is  expressly  agreed  that  delivery  deadlines  are  provided  for  information  only  and  that  missed  deadlines  shall  not be  considered grounds  for penalties. The Service Provider shall not be held liable  for direct or indirect harm  to  the Client or a  third party resulting from late delivery due to force majeure, or technical issues with fax transmission, electronic mail, post or  other unforeseen problems. 

The condition for the existence of any right to compensation is always that Client notifies Service Provider in writing, within  the  five  (5) calendar days after  the delivery of  the Language Services document,  the period in which the Language Services  document is  to  be  revised  by  Client,  by  registered mail,  and  takes  the  necessary measures  to limit  the  damage  as much  as  possible. 

Client indemnifies Service Provider from all liability regarding third parties due to allegations as a consequence of a deficiency  in a Language Services document, system or service provided by Client  to  third parties  that consisted of a delivery made by  Service Provider. 

The Client will undertake to hold the Service Provider and any of its parties harmless from all suits and all manner of claims  and proceedings or expenses which may be taken against or incurred by the Service Provider on the grounds that the original  Language Services document contains anything libelous or objectionable or  for any errors and/or omissions  that may arise  from the Language Services. The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless the Service Provider and any of its parties against all  damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) sustained by the Service Provider in connection with any  claim,  suit,  or  proceeding  based  on  or  arising  out  of the  underlying material  provided  by  the  Client.  If  so  requested  by  the  Service  Provider,  the  Client  shall  assume  full responsibility  for  the  defense  and  settlement  of  such  claim  or  action.  This  Agreement rules over any other agreement with Client.

By  accepting  the  Quote  wherein  these  Terms  and  Conditions  are  contained,  the  Client  affirms  that  he/she  has  read and  understands this Agreement. 

Service Provider is in any case not liable for any damage and will not compensate for any damage which Client may suffer on  the basis of  the agreement entered into with Service Provider, however caused, including possible claims of liability against  Client by third parties. 

Service  Provider’s  liability  for  indirect  damage,  including  consequential  damage,  loss  of  profit,  loss  of  savings, mutilated  and/or lost  data,  delays, losses,  damage  as  a  result  of  a  failure  of  Client  to  provide  the  required information or  assistance,  damage through corporate inactivity and/or claims from third parties against Client, is expressly rejected. 

(Legal) claims of Client under agreement with Service Provider, lapse 6 (six) months after they have incurred. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, USA.