“You” means you as an individual, or if applicable, the company or other legal entity you represent. 

“User”  /  “Users”  means  any  visitor(s)  to  this  website  or  the  Service  who  is/are  (a)  registered  user(s)  or  is/are  not  (a)  registered user(s). 

“Customer” / “Customers” means visitor(s) who is/are also (a) registered user(s) of the Service. 

“Translators” means  third parties who engage with Trustlations and Customer(s)  to provide content  translation services as  contractors of Trustlations (not employees). 

“Service”  /  “Services”  means  all  the  website,  services,  apps,  and  related  technology,  and  the  provision  of  language  services,  which  may  include  translation,  proofreading,  copy  editing,  copywriting,  interpretation,  transcription,  or  other related services that may derive from these, provided in connection with the foregoing. 

“Orders” means any order for Services created by a Customer, and accepted by Trustlations via the Platform or otherwise in  writing. 

“Client Materials” means  the source content  for  translation by  the Service, and any guidelines, glossary and other materials  provided by Customer. 

“Translated Works” means the content translated from the Client Materials. 

“Quality Levels” are defined and described in the Trustlations Quality Policy (e.g., Basic, Expert, Proofreading) 

“Platform” means Trustlations’ online portal and platform where you can access your Trustlations Account, initiate Orders and access the Service. 

“TWOS”  means  these  Trustlations  Website  Terms  of  Service  and  any  policies,  guidelines,  or  other  documents  referenced  herein. 


  1. This is a legal Agreement  (hereon  referred  to as  “Agreement”) between  you and Trustlations,  Inc.  (hereon  referred  to as  “Trustlations”, “we”, “us” or “our”), which will apply to you in respect to any and all Services offered by or acquired (hereon  referred to as “Services”) from the Website. This Agreement sets forth the Terms and Conditions governing the access and use  of our Website. 

Trustlations, Inc. is a for-profit corporation with principal address at: 

7950 NW 53rd St., Ste. 337 

Miami, FL 33166-4791 

United States 


  1. is a Website (hereon referred to as the “Website”) service created in order to mediate between freelance  translators  (“Service  Providers”,  “you”,  and/or  “your”)  and  Users  &  Customers  (hereon  collectively  referred  to as  “Users”,  “Service Buyers”, “you”, and/or “your”) through  the  Internet.  If you wish  to be registered, engage in transactions with other  Members (i.e. registered users, “Members”, “you”, and/or “your”) and use and/or pay for the Services available at the Website,  read the following conditions and confirm your consent.
  2. This Agreement may be changed at any time by Trustlations. It is the sole responsibility of the User to check, from time to  time, the current version of the Agreement. The User waives any claim regarding this issue. 
  3. Use of this Website and its Services signifies the acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with  these Terms and  Conditions,  please  do  not  provide with any information and  do  not  use  Services or this Website. Your continued use of Services or this Website in light of changes to this statement  or to the relevant principles will signify your acceptance of the changes. 
  4. When  you  register  on  the Website  you  are  asked  to  create  your  own  profile.  Your  profile includes,  but is  not limited  to, personal information such as your User name, your e-mail, languages you know, and general information you wish to disclose  about yourself. Your login information through 3rd-party services such as Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn adhere to those  3rd parties terms of service and privacy policies. You can visit the 3rd parties websites individually and search for their most  recent terms and policies for more information. 
  5. Upon successful registration, you become a Member of the Website (a “Member”), and for as long as you remain a Member,  you  agree  to  comply  with  the  applicable  Terms  and  Conditions  of  this  Agreement  (the  “Terms”).  In  case  you only  visit  the  Website  and  you  do  not  register  as  a Member  (a  “User”)  you  are  still  obliged  to  some  of  the  conditions  and Terms  of  this  Agreement. Website Members can be Language Services Buyers, Language Services Providers or both at the same time. 
  6. Trustlations and you may terminate this Agreement at any time, for any reason whatsoever, effective upon sending written  notice  to  the  other  party  by  electronic message  (i.e.  e-mail).  The  corresponding  decision  by  Trustlations  takes effect  at  the  moment of sending such a notice to the electronic address, provided by you during registration, or to any other e-mail address,  provided  by  you  to  If  you  send  a  notice  of  termination,  the  corresponding  decision by  Trustlations  takes  effect within several days. Your Membership shall concurrently terminate, without an obligation to make a payment, rebate or  refund on the part of Trustlations. Trustlations does however reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Membership at  any time, without notice, if you breach this Agreement or any other Terms and Conditions posted on the Website, from time to  time. 
  7. Trustlations assumes no responsibility whatsoever for your use of the Website and/or Services. It is for your sole, personal  use and you may not distribute your User name and password allowing others to use the Services through your Membership. 
  8. You  will  not  hold  Trustlations  responsible  for  the  Services  provided  by  the  Language  Services  Providers,  including translation  provided  by  the  Language  Services  Providers.  You  acknowledge  that  is  not  a  traditional translation  service.  Trustlations  is  not  involved  in  the  actual  transaction  between  Language  Services  Buyers  and Language  Services  Providers.  Trustlations  has  no  control  over  and  does  not  guarantee  the  accuracy,  quality,  safety  or legality  of  the  translations  provided  by  the  Language  Services  Providers,  the  truth  or  accuracy  of  Language  Services Providers’  language  skills,  the  ability  of  Language  Services  Providers  to  translate  accurately,  or  that  a  buyer  or  seller  will actually  complete  a  transaction. 
  9. You acknowledge and agree that Trustlations is not liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by you as a result  of the Services, or as a result of any reliance placed by you on the accuracy or completeness of the translations provided to you  by the Language Services Providers. 
  10. Without prejudice to any of the aforesaid, it is hereby acknowledged that User is the sole owner of all intellectual property  rights in and to any materials submitted by User via this Website for translation, and Owner hereby assigns and transfers to  the User and its assigns, any intellectual property rights it may have with respect to the original materials submitted via this  Website by the User and/or the translation thereof performed by Language Services Providers. 

Before requesting  the  translation of a document,  the User must ensure  that  this does not infringe on any  third party rights. Therefore  the User must be  the author  of  the  original materials  submitted by User  via  this Website  for  translation,  or have obtained written permission to have the materials translated from the party holding the copyright to the document. User shall  protect Language Services Providers and hold Language Services Providers harmless from any allegation to the effect that the  text, models, drawings, forms and other materials and documentation provided by User to Language Services Providers violate  any right of a third party. 

If these conditions have or have not been ensured by the User, under no circumstances shall the Language Services Providers  be held liable if all, or a portion of the materials to be translated were to infringe on the rights of a third party or violate any  applicable  regulations,  nor  for  any  use  and/or misuse  by  the  User  of  the materials  submitted  by  the  User  via this Website  and/or of the translation thereof performed by Language Services Providers or its assigns. If this were to occur, the User shall  be held solely responsible for any harm or financial consequences resulting from the User’s negligence.

Furthermore the User acknowledges that the translation is a new document, whose copyright is held jointly by the author of  the original document and the Language Services Providers. As a result, for literary or artistic translation, and without harm to  the  Language Services Providers’  rights  to  the work,  the  Language Services Providers  reserves  the  right  to require  that  the  Language  Services  Providers’  name  be  mentioned  on  any  copies  or  publications  of  the  translation,  in compliance  with  Copyright Office regulations codified in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (Title 37—Patents, Trademarks,  and Copyrights), also known as Circular 96. 

Unless  agreed  upon  otherwise,  User  and  its  assigns  will  be  granted  a  perpetual  license  to  use  the  Language  Services documents upon full payment by User to the Language Services Providers and upon delivery of corresponding materials from  Language Services Providers to User. 

Whereas all copyright conditions are met as abovementioned, the User has undertaken to publish at its own risk and expense  the  written  rendering  of  the  Language  Services  and  the  Language  Services  Providers  undertakes  to  produce  a language  document of the Language Services from source language into target language on behalf of the User. 

Age Restrictions 

Use of the Services is strictly prohibited to minors or any person under the legal age in his or her country and prohibited to  any person under the age of 18.  If you misrepresent your age, your registration as a Member will be cancelled. By using the  Website,  you  confirm  and  guarantee  that  you meet  age  restrictions  requirements.  For  related  details  please  find details  on  Privacy Policy. 

Description of Services & Payments 

  1.  offers  tools,  Services,  and  other  resources  on  its  Website  of  particular  interest  to freelance translators and to those seeking to hire the services of freelance translators. The platform acts as a  transaction  medium  between  freelance  translators  and  those  hiring  the  services  offered  and  carried  out  by  freelance translators. 
  2. Service Provider has to  follow service rules, including but not limited to time limits to  finish each project undertaken and  Service Buyer acceptance of translated results, in order to be credited with payment. Payment will be  fulfilled to the Service  Provider  within  45  days  after  the  Service  Buyer  accepted  the  translated  results,  if  complains  were  not  received from  the  Service Buyer regarding the services provided by the Service Provider. 
  3. Trustlations will require an invoice  from Service Provider Member once project is cleared. The payment will be executed  within 45 days after the Service Provider submits invoice or project is cleared, whichever is later. Payment will be executed via  PayPal only. All payments will be made in US funds. Trustlations reserves the right to suspend a payment if the source of the  funds is suspected to be fraudulent. Any funds received from an account having made a fraudulent deposit (e.g. stolen credit  card) will be reversed immediately.  If in a  fraudulent payment situation a payment has already been processed, you will be  expected  to  return  the  funds  to  account.  Failing  which  shall  be considered  a  breach  of  this  Agreement.  Without derogating from your obligation to return the funds you shall face account termination. Language Service Providers  shall be paid in full with a legal / non-fraudulent account. 
  4. Any Member of the Website that Trustlations removes from the Website due to violation of the Terms and Conditions will  receive no credit or payment. 

Dispute Resolution 

  1. Any disputes regarding arrangements between Language Services Providers and Language Services Buyers will be resolved  by Trustlations solely. 
  2. You hereby release Trustlations  from any and all claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind  and nature, known and unknown, related to such a dispute. 
  3. You acknowledge and agree that Trustlations is not liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by you as a result of  the Services, or as a result of any reliance placed by you on the accuracy or completeness of the translations provided by the  Language Services Providers. Access and Proprietary Rights 
  4. So long as you comply with this User Agreement, you are authorized to access, use and make a limited number of copies of  information and materials available  on  this Website  only  for  purposes  of  your  personal  use. Any  copies made by  you must  retain without modification any and all copyright notices and other proprietary marks. The pages and content on this Website 

may not be copied, distributed, modified, published, or transmitted in any other manner, including use for creative work or to  sell or promote other products. Violation of this restriction may result in infringement of intellectual property and contractual  rights of Trustlations and could result in substantial civil and criminal penalties.  and  other  identifying  marks  of  are  proprietary  to  Trustlations.  You  may  not  use  these marks  for any  purpose without  the express  prior written  consent  of Trustlations. Except as expressly  set  forth above, User Agreement  does  not  grant  you  any  express,  implied  or  other  license  or  right  under  any  patent,  trademark  or  copyright  of 

  1. The  contents  of  this  Website  are  protected  by  copyright  and  may  not  be  copied  or  otherwise  reproduced  without Trustlations’ written  permission except as expressly  set  forth above. Users/ Members may  not  publish  or  create  derivative works from the contents of this Website for any public or commercial purposes. 

Member/User Representations and Warranties 

  1. As a Member/User: 
  2. You will only use the Website and the Services in a manner that is accepted and legal according to all applicable laws and  regulations. 
  3. You will adhere to our acceptable use policies and all other Terms and Conditions relating to your usage of the Services in  respect  of  the Website,  and  will  not  transmit  junk  messages,  advertisements  or  any  type  of  solicitation whatsoever  of  any  products or Services to any other Members of the Website. 
  4. You  are  strictly  prohibited  from  attempting  to  negotiate  the  fee  for  a  project  with  another  Member  directly  (outside  of  after  that  project  has  been  created/opened  and  before  that  project  has  been  closed  (basically,  during  an ongoing  project).  This  also  applies  to  any  project  that  was  closed  without  translation  results  delivered  by  the  Language Services Provider. We believe our commissions are very fair and justified for the Services we provide, and we will not tolerate  

any of this activity on 

  1. You  will  not  in  any  way  copy,  modify,  publish,  transmit,  display,  sell,  distribute  or  reproduce  copyrighted  material, trademarks or other protected proprietary information without the express written consent of Trustlations of such materials. 
  2. By posting information or content to any public area of the Services, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant  that  you  have  the  right  to  grant  Trustlations  and  other  Members  an  irrevocable,  perpetual,  non-exclusive,  fully  paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display and distribute such information and content and to prepare derivative works  of, or incorporate into other works, such information and content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing. 
  3. Your use of the Services is strictly at your own risk and you are solely responsible  for your contact, whether it be written,  verbal or in person, with any other Member/User of  the Website. Trustlations and its officers, directors, employees, agents,  affiliates and third parties assume no responsibility whatsoever for harm that may come to you as a result of your contact (of  any form) with any other Member/User of the Website (including but not limited to emotional, verbal and physical abuse or  assault). 
  4. You  will  not  communicate,  publish  or  display  to  any  other  Member/User  any  form  of  defamatory,  slanderous, offensive,  inaccurate, abusive,  profane,  obscene,  sexually  offensive,  threatening,  harassing,  racial,  or illegal material, including  but  not  limited to nude photos of yourself or others, pornographic photos or images and any other type of unlawful or unacceptable  material, as decided by Trustlations. Trustlations  reserves  the  right  to  remove any  such material from  the Website without  notice. 
  5. You will not engage in, and Trustlations is not be responsible for, any form of harassment, offensive or abusive behavior of  any kind whatsoever that may be harmful to any other Member/User of the Website (including but not limited to physical and  emotional damage). 
  6. You will not use the Website, Services or your profile for any purpose other than Language Services, including but not limited  to translation, proofreading, editing, copy editing, line-by-line reviews and interpretation. 
  7. Illegal  and/or  unauthorized  uses  of  the Website, including  collecting Usernames  and/or  e-mail  addresses  of Members by  electronic  or  other  means  for  the  purpose  of  sending  unsolicited  e-mail,  forwarding  commercial  or  other  offers  to  other Members by this Website or by e-mail or other means external to the Website, and unauthorized framing of or linking to the  Website  will  be  investigated,  and  appropriate  legal  action  may  be  taken,  including  without  limitation,  civil,  criminal, and  injunctive redress.
  8. In order  to protect our Members/Users  from improper advertising or solicitation, and  to maintain usage integrity on  the Website, we reserve the right to restrict access by all Members to all or certain elements of the Services on a per-action basis,  such levels  to be determined in our sole discretion  from  time  to  time, whether determined in respect of a specific period or  otherwise. 
  9. You agree  that we reserve  the right  to change any of  the Terms, rights, obligations, privileges or institute new charges for  access  to  or  continued  use  of  Services  at  any  time,  with  or  without  providing  such  notice  as  the  Website  may determine  appropriate. All changes will be available  for view online or may be e-mailed  to you at Trustlations’ discretion, and you are  responsible  for  reviewing  the  information  and  Terms  of  usage  as  may  be  posted  regularly  to  obtain  timely notice  of  such  changes.  Continued  use  of  the  Services  or  non-termination  of  your  Membership  after  changes  are posted  or e-mailed  constitutes your acceptance or deemed acceptance of the Terms as modified, regardless of whether the notice or e-mail was  successfully received, read, or lost during transmission. 
  10. You will  defend, indemnify,  and  hold  harmless  Trustlations, its  officers,  directors,  employees,  agents,  affiliates  and third  parties,  for any losses,  costs, liabilities and expenses  (including  reasonable attorney’s  fees  on a  solicitor and  his  own client  basis)  relating  to  or  arising  out  of  your  use  of  the  Website  or  Services,  including  any  breach  by  you  of  the  Terms  of this  Agreement or other Terms and Conditions posted on the Website from time to time. 
  11. Please  note  you  may  be  involuntarily  exposed  to  offensive  or  obscene  materials  that  may  have  been  posted  by Members/Users,  hackers  or  unauthorized Users  from  time  to  time.  Please  note  that it is  possible  for  others  to  obtain  your personal information and use it to engage in an action that may be harmful to you or injure you. Trustlations is not responsible for the use of any personal information that you choose to display, publish or distribute to other Members/Users. 
  12. Trustlations reserves the right but has no obligation, whether on the basis of complaints or on its own initiative, to monitor  any messaging or other activity and the materials posted in the public areas of the Website, and to review usage, activity or the  content of any messages, materials or other interchanges which are otherwise posted, sent or transmitted via the Website. 
  13. Trustlations shall have the right in its sole discretion to remove any material or profiles, regardless of whether Trustlations  determines that such materials or profiles violate, or are alleged to violate, the law or this Agreement. 
  14. Notwithstanding  the  foregoing,  Trustlations  does  not  undertake  to  control  or  edit  any  communications  between  its Members, and such communications may be offensive  to you. You assume  full responsibility and you assume all risk  for the  use of  the Services, and you are solely responsible  for evaluating  the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all Services,  products, communications, and other information. 
  15. All communications between Members are at the Members’/Users’ sole control and risk. 
  16. In no event Trustlations or its affiliates will be liable  for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including, but  not limited to, any deaths, threats, torts or injuries committed by any other Members/Users, damages for loss of data, loss of  programs, cost of service interruptions or procurement of substitute Services) directly or indirectly arising out of the use or  inability to use the Services, even if Trustlations, its agents or representatives know or have been advised of the possibility of  such damages. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the liability to you by Trustlations, its affiliates, for  any cause whatsoever, and regardless of the form of the action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid, if any, by you for  the Services during the term of membership and/or use. 
  17. Under no circumstances will Trustlations, or its affiliates be responsible  for any loss or damage resulting  from your use of  the Website, your reliance on information or other content posted on the Website, or transmitted to Members/Users. 
  18. You will not use any automated collection mechanism or any manual process to monitor or copy the web pages comprising  the Website or the content contained therein without the prior written permission of Trustlations. 
  19. You will not create multiple User accounts to avoid fees, suspension or bad ratings on 
  20. You will not contact Users or Members or freelance translators or translation companies through our Website or through  information gained from our Website with the intent of subverting them from using our Services. 
  21. As a Service Provider: 
  22. You will not redistribute any of the content (information) on, including but not limited to text submitted by  Language Services Buyers, the translated results, private messages, documents.

Owner Responsibilities 

  1. Neither Trustlations nor its affiliates guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information on the Website,  and neither adopts nor endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement made. 
  2. The Services are provided on an “as is” basis without any warranties or conditions of any kind, express, implied, statutory,  in all communication with Trustlations, its affiliates or its representatives, or otherwise with respect to the Services. 
  3. Trustlations  and/or  its  affiliates  specifically  disclaim  any  implied  warranties  of  merchantability,  fitness  for  a  particular purpose,  or  non-infringement.  Neither,  Trustlations  nor  its  affiliates  warrant  that  your  use  of  the  Services  will  be  secure, uninterrupted,  always  available,  or  error-free,  or  will  meet  your  requirements,  or  that  any  defects  in  the  Website  will  be corrected. 
  4. Trustlations  and  its  affiliates  disclaim  all  liability,  regardless  of  the  form  of  action,  for  the  acts  or  omissions  of  other Members or Users (including unauthorized Users, or “hackers”) of the Website or Services. 

Laws and Regulations 

  1. This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida. 
  2. Any disputes or legal proceedings arising out of or relating to this Agreement shall at Trustlations’ election be determined  via arbitration under the jurisdiction of Florida (pursuant to the arbitration act), or in the courts of the State of Florida. 

Language Service Provider Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 

  1. You  agree  to  keep  all information —including  but  not limited  to  customer  data,  source  text,  content,  source  files, prices,  agreed  terms  and  the  translation  itself—secret  both  during  the  translation  project  duration  and  following  its termination,  indefinitely. This applies also to the existence and contents of this Agreement. 
  2. How you obtain the information is of no consequence. The obligation to observe secrecy applies to all information acquired  in the course of the translation project duration, by happenstance, or in the course of some other activity within the scope of  the working relationship. 
  3. Care  shall  be  taken  in  particular  to  ensure  that  the  aforementioned  data  and  information  are  not  seen  or  disclosed  by employees,  freelancers,  other  third  parties,  or  family  members.  You  are  liable  for  all  damages  arising  from  breach  of  the obligation to observe secrecy, as well as for your own negligence. 
  4. If it is necessary that you enter into direct contact with a customer of Trustlations, you agree to keep confidential all such  terms and other internal business information as exist between Trustlations and you. You shall act on behalf of Trustlations  whenever you are in contact with a customer of Trustlations. 
  5. This  obligation  applies  in  particular  to  “Translation  memories”  (TMs)  and  glossaries  provided  by  Trustlations  or  the customer of Trustlations. Trustlations may provide TMs and glossaries for use exclusively by you. The TMs and glossaries may  be used only for orders placed by Trustlations or its customer. The TMs and glossaries shall not be disclosed in full or in part  to  third parties in any way, irrespective of whether  the TM or glossary is provided  free of charge or  for a  fee. Third parties  shall not be provided with or granted knowledge of any or all of the contents or structure of the TMs and glossaries. TMs and  glossaries supplied by Trustlations or its customer shall be re-submitted to Trustlations and subsequently deleted  following  termination  of  the  relationship  with  Trustlations  (or  with  the  end customer).  Any  changes  shall  be  reconciled  with  Trustlations and shall be added to the TM or glossary only with the consent of Trustlations. 
  6. Should  there  be  any  doubt  as  to  the  confidentiality  of  information,  you  agree  to  consult  Trustlations  for  clarification.  If clarification cannot be obtained, it shall always be assumed that data or information are confidential. 
  7. This  Agreement  does  not  apply  to information  that is  already  known,  that is  public,  or  that  has  been  disclosed  by  third parties  without  a  breach  of  confidentiality.  It  also  does  not  apply  to  information  that  must  be  disclosed  owing  to  legal provisions,  final  court  decisions,  or  official  directives.  Insofar  as  legally  permitted,  however,  you,  if  required  to  make disclosure,  shall  inform  Trustlations  of  the  disclosure  in  advance  or  without  undue  delay,  and  shall  make  every  effort  to prevent the information from becoming generally known and to enter into an appropriate confidentiality agreement.
  8. You confirm that you have a professional liability  for any  financial losses arising  from errors or omissions in translations,  interpreting services, editing or proofreading work done in Trustlations. 
  9. All  confidential  information  and  its  embodiments  remain  the  property  of  Trustlations  and  shall  be  returned,  whether requested or not, at the end of the translation project duration or if preliminary business discussions with a customer do not  result in an order. At the same time, retention, copying, and all forms of duplication of documents, data media, or other copies  are forbidden. 


  1. This Agreement contains the entire Agreement regarding the use of the Website and its Services. 
  2. This  Agreement  may  only  be  amended  with  the  express  consent  of  Trustlations.  Unless  otherwise  explicitly  stated,  the Terms  will  survive  termination  of  your Membership  to  the  Services.  If  any  provision  of  this  Agreement is  held invalid, the  remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. 
  3. Your  profile  information,  as  well  as  your  photo,  may  be  displayed  to  other  Users  of  the Website.  If  you  post  personally identifiable information in areas of the Website accessible to other Users, you should be aware that such information can be  read,  collected,  or  used  by  other  Users,  and  could  be  used  improperly  (including  for  example  to  send  you  unsolicited messages). We are not responsible for the personally identifiable information you choose to submit in these Website areas or  for any damage that can be done as a consequence. 
  4. The material in this website could include technical inaccuracies or other errors. The User’s use and browsing of the website  is at  the User’s  risk. Neither nor any  other party involved in creating, producing  or delivering the website  shall be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of the User’s access to, or use  of,  the website. does not warrant  that  the  functional aspects  of  the website will be uninterrupted or error  free, or that this website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. Please note that  some  jurisdictions  may  not  allow  the  exclusion  of  implied  warranties,  so  some  of  the  above exclusions  may  not  apply  to  particular Users. reserves the right to make changes to this website at any time without notice. 
  5. This version of the Agreement was created on July 18, 2016. 

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